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Oak and Linen Home Inc.


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About Us

Oak and Linen Home is the product of Founder Lisa Barron’s lifelong passion for creativity and the arts. Although she has always had an eye for design, it was taken to another level when she had the opportunity to live in Belgium for seventeen years. It was there that she developed an intense affinity for French Country décor ? a fondness that would reset the course of her life upon her eventual return to her homeland, Canada.

In 2018, Lisa opened Oak and Linen Home, a chic boutique in Arva, Ontario, She hoped to bring her eccentric approach to interior design to local residents, while also using her impressive skill set to add a perfectly personalized touch to her client?s spaces. Color, patterns, and textiles are her native language, and she possesses an almost magical ability to understand an individual?s taste and personality, which enables her exceptional interior designs.

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