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Reboot Plus Program

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Reboot Plus Program

The London Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with Fanshawe College on Reboot Plus - a youth education program provided with the Thames Valley District School Board and funded by the Future Skills Centre of Canada. The program will run for 16 weeks with participants ranging from 17-24 who mostly have atypical high school experiences. Part of this program will be connecting participants with members of the business community in order to provide the participants with information about jobs that they are interested in from people that are currently in those industries. With a shortage of labour being a persistent issue for businesses across the country, programs like this will be an important part of rebuilding a strong and healthy labour pool.


Early results from other cities that this program has run in show positive results for individuals who have participated. With a group of over 60 young people and over 200 professionals, the program has provided both groups with a unique opportunity to better understand the business and labour environment across the province. Not only do the participants receive valuable information that will hopefully encourage them to continue their career path, the partnering professionals also get a chance to see what the upcoming generation is like and how they can best be accommodated.


Reboot Plus will also be expanding its partnership to include over 250 youth and 2000 employers and professionals in other cities across Canada. This program will help employers better understand issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace thanks to the diverse set of participants taking part in this program. 


The London Chamber of Commerce is currently seeking individuals in a range of professions who would be willing to spend 30-60 minutes with a young person and talk to them about their personal career paths and how they got where they are today. 


To read more about the project, please visit:


If you would like to volunteer to have an informational interview with one of the Reboot Plus participants, please email


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