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Chamber Member Results Survey

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2023 Member Survey Report


The London Chamber of Commerce have completed their 2023 Member Survey. The survey was completed on July 4th and received 71 responses. The survey touched on a wide range of topics from membership to events to advocacy. The Chamber commits to thoroughly analyzing the survey and taking into account all of the opinions gathered through the survey.


Beginning with membership, 88% of respondents said that networking events were one of the top 3 reasons why they joined the Chamber followed by supporting the work the chamber does in the community at 63% and marketing and sponsorship opportunities at 35%.

88% of the respondents reported that they have attended a Chamber event in the past year with 77% of those attendees going to Business After Five events. BAF is by far the most popular Chamber event followed by State of the City at 36% and Business Achievement Awards at 31%.


When asked about the best time of day for events to take place, the majority of members preferred Evening (5-7pm) followed by a near even split between morning (8-10am), lunch (11:30-1:30pm), and afternoon (2-4pm).

When asked about the kinds of topics that members would like to see presentations on, 55% said that they would be interested in discussions on Artificial Intelligence, 53% said they would be interested in Leadership, and 46% said they want to learn more about Marketing.

In regards to communication from the Chamber, 68% of members said that they received most of their information about chamber events from the newsletter and 75% of respondents said that the Chamber had the right amount of notifications for communication. 80% of members said that the main page on the website that they visit is the events page followed by the member directory at 22% and member news at 20%.

When asked about the quality of the newsletter sent from the Chamber, 45% of respondents said that the newsletter was very informative and 38% said it was somewhat informative.

The final questions that were covered within the survey were open-ended questions intended to gain more insight into the overall experience with the Chamber from member’s perspectives as well as things that the Chamber can focus on in the future. Generally, the feedback that was received from the survey was very positive with many comments about how members are pleased with the direction of the Chamber and happy with the events that are offered and policy work that is being done. There are, however, some members that would like to see a renewed focus on more specific business issues such as taxation, business supports, and red tape reduction. There is also some general concern with the state of the downtown core with many members saying that they would like to see some more focus on revitalization of the core. These are all things that the Chamber will take into account when planning advocacy work and further interaction with the membership.

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