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London City Council Reaches Milestone in Fighting Health and Homelessness Crisis with Endorsement o

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London City Council Reaches Milestone in Fighting Health and Homelessness Crisis  with Endorsement of Hubs Implementation Plan
July 25, 2023

Today, London City Council reached a milestone in addressing the health and homelessness crisis in the community with the endorsement of the Hubs Implementation Plan, a critical and transformational component of the Whole of Community System Response. 

The Whole of Community System Response is a framework that combines 24/7 Hubs, where services wrap around the most vulnerable individuals, and highly supportive housing. The System  Response aims to open 3 to 5 Hubs and 100 highly supportive housing units this year.  

“The status quo is not an option to save lives and address the health and homelessness crisis,” said  Mayor Josh Morgan. “I want to extend my sincere thanks to the community and City staff in  developing this critical piece designed to improve the quality of life for many individuals in need, while reducing the impacts of this crisis for the whole community.” 

Throughout the design process of the Hubs Implementation Plan, frontline workers, social services agencies, service providers, business and development representatives along with healthcare organizations came together to collectively construct the plan. This work was directly informed by  input and feedback on key components of the plan from individuals with lived and living experience of homelessness, the business and development sectors, and the public, who were engaged online and through a series of in-person consultations. The Plan identifies the functions, services,  standards of care and location criteria for Hubs. 

“We stand united in our commitment to address homelessness in our city, and this plan reflects the culmination of tireless work by every sector involved and individuals with lived experience,” said  Chuck Lazenby, Executive Director of Unity Project and Co-Chair of London’s Health & Homelessness  Response Hubs Implementation Plan. “Together, we are embarking on a new and innovative journey  to provide immediate support and lasting solutions for those most marginalized.”  

With tonight’s Council endorsement of the Hubs Implementation Plan, City staff will now undertake a  number of next steps.  

A competitive procurement process will be initiated to identify lead agencies and proposed locations for the first five Hubs, which are intended to be established by December 2023.  

Public engagement, the details of which are to be announced shortly but which will include both online and in-person components, will begin for Londoners to learn more about the  Hubs Implementation Plan and directly help inform Council decisions, including decisions related to lead agencies and locations for the first five Hubs. 

Advocacy efforts will continue for funding to support implementation of the plan.  

“Our vision for the Hubs is not just about providing shelter, it's about creating a welcoming environment that nurtures hope and empowers individuals as leaders on their path to stability and housing,” said Sean Warren, Project Lead: Health Equity & Ecosystem Development at the London  Intercommunity Health Centre and Co-Chair of London’s Health & Homelessness Response Hubs  Implementation Plan. “These Hubs will serve as safe havens, strengthening the social safety net for our fellow citizens, offering not only essential services like food, clothing, and healthcare but also opportunities for personal autonomy, growth and community connections. Through this 

transformative plan, we are redefining the way we approach homelessness, and together, we can  build a more compassionate and inclusive London.” 

Staff will report back early in the fall with the results of the competitive process and community engagement for Council to consider proposed Lead Agencies and Hub locations. Open, ongoing, and continuous public engagement will be a foundational element of the process moving forward, with further details to be shared in the next several weeks.  


Media Contact:  

Jo Ann Johnston 

Manager, Media Relations 

City of London 




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