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Aeolian is First Venue in Canada to use a Non-Profit ticketing platform

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May 11, 2023

What: Aeolian is First Venue in Canada to use Non-Profit ticketing platform “Humanitix”

Who: The Aeolian

When: Launching with newly released events effective immediately

Where: Aeolian Hall, 795 Dundas St., London

The Aeolian is the First Venue in Canada to use a Non-Profit ticketing platform.

Imagine a ticketing platform that is a Non-Profit Organization. Imagine that profits from this platform are used to fund Charities that support childhood education around the world. Turning those annoying ticketing fees into a force for good: that’s Humanitix. It’s an industry interrupter founded by Josh Ross and Adam McCurdie. Winner of the Google Impact Award and has been funded by the Atlassian Foundation and The New South Wales Government of Australia. The initiative was recently covered in Forbes magazine.

"We didn't want to work on a business model which just chases profit at all costs, and we wanted to be proud of how we spent our time on earth. So, after a decade of friendship, we finally came up with the idea - Humanitix - whereby the shareholders are the world's poorest children". (Joshua Ross, Co-founder, and Director, Humanitix)

“We are thrilled to find a service that aligns with our values and offers something to better education access in the world”. We hope others will take this opportunity to change the way we can do business. Imagine gifting education to struggling communities around the world. That’s simply the best social justice I can think of!”. (Clark Bryan, Executive Director, The Aeolian)

"When Clark reached out it was a beautiful moment in our journey. When you build something good for the world, it still relies on people caring enough to value your mission - Aeolian Hall and the team are the perfect fit”. (Joshua Ross, Co-founder, and Director, Humanitix)

The Aeolian Hall is located at 795 Dundas Street in the heart of Old East Village. The Aeolian believes that the arts can enlighten, inspire, and transform, and believes in universal access to music, art, culture, education, and community. The Aeolian presents excellence in performance and creates revolutionary arts programs to build better communities.

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