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About Me!
I am a visual and performance artist who creates custom outdoor chalk artworks for individuals, businesses, organisations and special events of all kinds (birthdays, graduations, retirements, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, new babies, business openings, concerts, sporting events, rallies, etc.). Because I am an experienced art teacher, I can involve guests/patrons/kids in the creation of pieces. I can complete work outside of event hours (so it's a surprise) or provide live entertainment during events. There are no limits to what I can create, whether it is a simple written message, a business logo or greeting, fine art reproductions, representations of well-known and beloved characters, portraits, nature... whatever the client can imagine, I can bring to life using chalk and any kind of paved surface (yes, working on stone and brick paths is within my ability). The work lasts as long as dry weather does - this means that art done on a surface that is shielded from the elements can last a month or more. All materials used are not permanent and can be washed away with water (including rainwater!).

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Ms. Bronagh Joyce Morgan

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